• Nauti Clean (55 Gallon Drum)


    Nauti Clean effectively cleans sailboats, yachts, ships, speed, fishing and air boats, as well as dinghies. Due to its high PH, noncorrosive and rust inhibiting properties, this product cleans a variety of surfaces including gel coats, paints, vinyl, fiberglass, polished metals and fabrics. Nauti Clean is strong enough to clean engine rooms, bilges, motors and exhaust soot. It can be used on boat seats to remove sunscreen oils.

    Although originally intended for watercraft use, Nauti Clean is an excellent cleaner and degreaser for all custom rides including motorcycles, RV's, automobiles and even big rigs. A major concern for owners is insect damage done to paint, chrome and polished aluminum. Nauti Clean removes problematic insects from these surfaces. Spray on dry surface, wait approximately 30 seconds and wipe off with a damp microfiber cloth. No scrubbing is required, which means no scratches. Nauti Clean is strong enough to clean and degrease race cars, dirt bikes, side-by-sides and mud trucks.It is rust inhibiting, nontoxic, and biodegradable.